A Volunteer at the Rehab Center Talks About Her Sister With Down Syndrome


A Volunteer at the Rehab Center Talks About Her Sister With Down Syndrome

Ana is a volunteer at the Crystal Foundation rehab center in Melim, under the “Big brother-Big sister volunteer program” where individuals from the community come and work one-on-one with children with disabilities. She is very committed to her work at the center and has been very resourceful and helpful to many children with special needs. She has a strong desire and motivation to improve on the lives of children with disabilities, but one of her biggest inspirations is her sister Anita, who is living with Down syndrome and is also a child of the rehab center in Melim.

Ana is not only happy that she has the opportunity to help children with disabilities, she is glad that she also has the professional opportunity to assist her sister.   Asked if there are any challenges living with a sister with Down syndrome at home, Ana is more optimistic and has this to say.


“My sister is a special girl, there are times when we struggle to understand her, and there are times when she tries to understand us and you can clearly see it. Things have really improved since she began coming to Crystal Foundation. You face fewer challenges with her now. We have already understood her and all we do is have fun. My sister is very caring and loving. She takes good care of children. She has a great heart.”


According to Ana, the key to taking care of children with disabilities is “patience”, “You cannot always expect a child with Down syndrome to do what you tell her all the times, but she is very loyal. Sometimes, she will just take more time to do it. That is how fast her brain works.” Talking About her experience at the center, she is glad that she has an opportunity to offer her own services to mankind through the work Crystal Foundation does.  She has this advice for the world.

“Children with disabilities need special attention; you cannot always expect them to go at the pace at which other children go, but you can always be assured that they will get there, if you believe in them and and provide them the right help. I believe that our country still has much to do to help children with disabilities especially children with developmental disabilities”