Economic Empowerment For Adamu’s Family


Economic Empowerment For Adamu’s Family

Adamou is only six years old and lives with his mother and four year old younger brother in the village of Tadu in the North West region of Cameroon.  He lost his father two months ago in a car accident.

Adamu was born with multiple malformations. He is physically disabled, cannot speak and suffers from epilepsy.

Adamou’s family depends entirely on their grandmother who operates a petit trading business in front of their family home and sells a few household items.

On one of our outreach programs, we discovered Adamou and registered him as a beneficiary child of Crystal Foundation.

On the 25th of May 2016, the Crystal team decided to expand the little family business that Adamou’s grandmother has been operating. After a careful evaluation of the items that are high in demand in the vicinity, the Crystal team expanded their business with locally demanded items.

The joy on the face of the boy could not be concealed. On his wheel chair, he expressed satisfaction and one could observe that if he was able to talk, he would have expressed his gratitude in words.  His grandmother danced with joy and promised the Crystal team that she was going to expand the business to the extent where her only limitation would be the sky.

I was glad to see Crystal Family bring joy to this family. I am comforted because I could see the determination of Adamu’s grandmother. The expanded business will help the parents provide for Adamu.

Thanks to Crystal Foundation, and thanks to all who help create this impact in the lives of children with special needs.