Meet a Special Needs Child in Rural Cameroon, Who has held the Class Spell-Bound With demonstration of inner Potential!!!


Meet a Special Needs Child in Rural Cameroon, Who has held the Class Spell-Bound With demonstration of inner Potential!!!

Born to poor peasant farmers, his life seemed like he had no hope in the community. He was known, called and treated as a DISABLED CHILD by most of the people in his neighborhood. Everyone in his school thought he had nothing to offer and so, yes, it was hard for his teachers and parents to give him the kind of attention that he needed to bring out the potentials in him.

firstAt the age of 15, KINGSLEY could barely say a few words in English, talk less of writing a good sentence without grammatical errors. He could hardly read two lettered words. He would always hesitate and delay to answer any question when asked.

At Crystal Foundation Inc, We celebrate the Wins even In The midst Of losses. We work On The Positive audit of a child’s potentials and not just the negatives that show up in the child.

KINGSLEY is one of the many children at the Crystal Foundation’s Rehab center for children with special needs, who has “rubbished” the belief that children with disabilities or special needs can learn nothing and so have nothing to offer!  We took time to focus, and build on what KINGSLEY is capable of doing…believe me; we are proud, very proud of Kingsley! We will show you why!

coinsFirst, early this week, we engaged the children in an exercise that would help them identify money and add up coins of varying amounts. After taking a round with more than fifteen children, to our greatest surprise, the smartest of them ALL was kingsley! Unlike all the other kids at the center, Kingsley was able to identify every coin from 10 frs, to 25 frs, to 50 frs and then to 100 frs, and even did basic additions using coins.

He excelled to the amazement of his caregivers and mates!  The exercises went on for a couple of days, and Kinsley consistently topped the class! Why would one not find joy in this?

kingsleyTHE BILINGUAL TREASURE IN KINGSLEY….Again, this week the activity changed. Cameroon happens to be a country with two official languages –French and English.
I was sitting in my office this morning, but my ears were tuned to the rehearsals the children were doing in their classroom ahead of activities to mark the BILINGUALISM WEEK IN CAMEROON. All rehearsals were done in French. The teacher took turns greeting each learner in French and asking them to respond in French. There were children who could not even say “Ca va bien merci Madame, in French”. Some just laughed and hid their faces on the table. I could see their reactions as I listened to them from the other end of the building. Even the children we thought were smarter, ended up saying nothing at all!
Then came Kingsley’s turn….

”Bonjour Kinsgley et Comment Ca va? His teacher greeted.
« Bonjour madame, ca va bien merci » Kinsley responded from the back of the class in an audible, clear voice, expressing the confidence that had been built up in him from the exercise of the previous days!
It is amazing how many special needs children like KINGSLEY are hidden in homes and villages in the western African nation of Cameroon. Their inner potentials are buried and the world focuses on their disability to the extent that no one ever sees when these children overcome obstacles like these, which are worth celebrating.


In sharing this experience with Kingsley today, we take this opportunity to ask you for one thing. CELEBRATE THE WINS AND POTENTIALS THAT YOU SEE IN EACH AND EVERY SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD around us. Kingsley is just one of ours!

For and on Behalf of KINSGLEY,
I am
Nyumnloh David Dogo,
Crystal Foundation Inc, Staff.