Message From The Founder


Message From The Founder

“Why disability?

That’s a question I get each time I talk to someone about Crystal Foundation and what we do.“My personal experience of growing up with a health complication exposed me to experiencing first hand some of the challenges children with special needs face. I was born with an Optical Nerve atrophy associated with a severe Nystagmus and I had to watch my parents deal with the frustration of understanding my problem to believing that I” could make it”. It was hard ignoring people staring at my eyes constantly or having people chit chat behind my back each time i walked into a room….Adjusting to school too was an issue and to be honest,  it’s not a beautiful experience for a child….


Thirty- forty  years back research was quite limited  so this added to the frustration my family had to cope with  and in it all the bigger challenge for me was being able to see myself in a positive and confident light as when you’re constantly reminded that something is “off” about you, insecurities grow  I  have been able to make it in spite of the “odds”-all thanks to God and loved ones and my prayer is to give other children a similar story.Now… i believe in my heart that every child living with a disability has a great potential to thrive in life and deserves the right to live a happy life in a society where they feel accepted. If I made it this far it’s because someone believed in me. It’s my desire then that someone somewhere will also believe in these children and give them an opportunity to thrive.


”Rosine Ngangue  Makanaky Founder of Crystal(

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