What is Autism

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What is Autism

Before I came to Crystal Foundation, I could not explain what autism was all about. I have equally noticed that most writers, who have tried to describe the condition, do it in a language that many people find difficulties understanding. I have tried to explain autism in very simple words that can be understood by everyone.

What is Autism?

Autism is a developmental disability that can cause significant social communication and behavioral challenges. People with autism portray decreased social and communication skills and portray repetitive behavioral patterns or show interest in the same thing over and over. Some children with autism often have other challenges like learning disabilities.

Autism is a condition that a child is born with.

Children with autism have generally are born with a hampered emotional, communication and social intelligence. As a result they tend to manifest the follow symptoms.

Symptoms of Autism

  • The symptoms as well as the severity of autism vary in different people. It should be noted that people with autism do not have identical characters. However it is common to notice the following symptoms in a person with autism.
  • People with autism will find it difficult to express skills like eye-to-eye contact with other people, facial expressions, and body language.
  • They do not have the interest to make friends with other children of the same age.
  • They do not have the interest to share their successes or failures with other people.
  • They find difficulty understanding the feelings of other people. They generally lack empathy and will not understand the pain and grief of other people.
  • Difficulties talking to people. Many people with autism do not usually talk. Equally they have difficulties initiating conversations with other people.
  • They develop an attitude of repeating a group of words or a word over and over again. This also applies with what they eat and do. For instance, a child with autism may always prefer to eat his fish before rice everyday and would prefer to always use particular roads or play in a particular way all the time.
  • People with autism are often straight forward in their interpretation of words used by other people and will not understand the use of style in language like humor. People with autism will often interpret a joke word for word as it is said.
  • Children with autism often portray stereotyped behaviors like hand flapping and body rocking.
  • Children with autism will not like to be carried and held like other children. They show little or no interest in certain games and might begin to talk at the right time like other children, but then would later lose their language skills.
  • Teenagers with autism find difficulties handling puberty.

Treatment of Autism

Autism is a condition that a child is born with. Early intervention can significantly reduce the symptoms in the child as the child grows up to the extent where the symptoms are almost not obvious in the person.



Nfon Mark Benyou

Crystal Foundation, Cameroon.